He Wore Flip-flops In The Torrential Rain. And I Judged Him.

I had a lunch big date with some guy I would exchanged a couple of e-mails and lots of a g-chat with.  We even Skyped-which i’m going to be composing a post on…I highly recommend Skype or iChat with a night out together just before spend time doing all your tresses, specifically if you’re juggling good deal’s of times.  For reals.

Anyways, all was good throughout the “No Catfish right here forward”. We appeared as if myself, the guy appeared as if him, we laughed and decided we’re able to deal with a real time.

I was promptly, he had been belated (whyyyyyyyyy…stop becoming LATER you guys)…and the guy texted me personally, “simply taking walks up!”

It actually was pouring rainfall, performed I discuss that? And freezing, at the least for Southern Ca criteria. And then he had been dressed in sandals. SANDALS. The.Horror.
I hate to seem awesome judgemental (far too late!) but as on-line daters, isn’t really that everything we do? JUDGE!  Judge 1st e-mail, first phone call, the fb assess, seeking what exactly is wrong…instead of what is actually correct? Or is that just me…haha.

Now, I am not gonna overcome all over plant right here. I do believe a guy using flip-flops in the rain is ridiculous. I’d believe alike about a girl…but where I live, flip flops and shoes never get put away once and for all and I also understand i am responsible for a grocery store run in flip-flops during a storm.  Most of the guys I am drawn to are surfers, or outdoorsy and flip-flops and jeans tend to be kind of their unique consistent.  Do I wish he previously the presence of head to place on genuine footwear? The reason why yes, yes i really do.  Did he need a pedicure?  Certainly, yes he did-all that outdoorsy-ness i love such will not leave your own feet appearing as well sexy, it seems that.

But we digress.

We chuckled loads and he is devastatingly handsome.  They have impressive table manners and requested just the right questions.  Circumstances seemed to be heading well because after we consumed, he asked basically wished to head to another place to get some good pumpkin cheesecake. I forgot about his footwear and stopped judging…and merely had a good time.

Whether or not he could be some body I want to carry on internet dating has however as determined, however, if things keep going well, perhaps we’ll just have to get him a pair of Chuck Taylor’s for xmas and burn the flip flops. With really love, obviously. And an alibi. ????