College Development Committee

College development committee was constituted as per the norms and guidelines of affiliated colleges Maharashtra Public Universities act 2016.  Prior to this, Local Managing Committee (LMC) functions as CDC.

Powers and Functions of the College Development Committee:

  1. To exercise general supervision over the academic work of the institute and to give directions regarding methods of instructions, evaluation, research or improvements in academic standards.
  2. To consider matters of academic interest either on its own initiative or at the instance of the Governing Body and to take proper action thereon.
  3. To make arrangements for the conduct of examinations in conformity with the rules and regulations of SPPU, Pune.
  4. To maintain proper standards of the examinations.
  5. To promote research within the institute, acquire reports on such research activities from time to time.
  6. To suggest measures for co-ordination for individual classes
  7. To make recommendations to the board of management on
  8. Measures for improvement of standards of teaching, training and research.
  9. Institution of fellowships, travelling fellowships, scholarships, medals, prizes etc.
  10. Establishment or abolition of departments/centers and on byelaws covering the academic functioning of the institute, discipline, admissions, examinations, award of fellowships, studentships, concessions, attendance, etc.
  11. To make periodic review of the activities of the departments/centers and to take appropriate action (including making of recommendations to the Governing Body) with a view to maintaining and improving the standards of instruction.

College Development Committee (CDC)


Sr. No. Name of Member Designation
1 Shri. Prashant Yashwantrao Gadakh President
2 Shri. U. M. Londhe Secretary
3 Dr. V. K. Deshmukh Principal
4 Prof. V. B. Ghawate Head of Department
5 Dr. P. B. Mohite Co-Ordinator IQAC
6 Dr. R. B. Pandhare Teacher Representative
7 Dr. A. R. Pawar Teacher Representative
8 Dr. Mrs. J. G. Wagh Teacher Representative
9 Mr. B. D. Mhase Non-Teaching Representative
10 Mr. P. P. Gadakh Member – Industry  Representative
11 Shri. Ram Rohokale Member- Research Scientist
12 Shri. Manoj Harde Local Member
13 Shri. Uday Palve Local Member