The Examination Committee deals with various examinations held by the college and Savitribai Phule Pune University oversees the specialty and specifications. Examination committee advises on all matters relevant to College examinations, including time tables, timing, content, and evaluation (internals and other) of exams.

Duties and responsibilities of IEC:

The IEC shall meet at least once in each academic term and perform the following duties, namely:

  1. To organize and holding examination with preparation of the schedule of dates of holding internal and university practical and theory examination as per academic calendar and university schedule.
  2. To devise policy, mechanism and operational strategies to do the tasks relating to assessment of performance of students efficiently and in a time bound manner.
  3. To ensure proper organization of university, sessional and Continuous in semester examinations of the institute, including appointment of examiners, internal squad, display of schedule, assessment, evaluation and timely declaration of results:
  4. To arrange for strict vigilance during the conduct of examinations so as to avoid use of unfair means by the students, teachers, invigilators, supervisors etc.
  5. To undertake examination and evaluation reforms in order to make examination and evaluation system more efficient.
  6. It shall be obligatory on every teacher and on the non-teaching employee of the institute to render necessary assistance and service in respect of examination of the institute.

Institutional Examination Committee (IEC)

Sr. no. Name of IEC Member Designation
1 Dr. V. K. Deshmukh Principal & Chairman
2 Dr. V. B. Ghawate Vice- Principal
3 Dr. R. B. Pandhare College Examination Officer
4 Dr. P. B. Mohite IQAC- Coordinator
5 Dr. J. G. Wagh Internal Exam-In charge
6 Prof. S. M. Bairagi Academic In charge
7 Mr. B. D. Mhase Asst. to College Examination Officer