Video Lectures

Sedatives and Hypnotics By: Dr. P. B. Mohite

FTIR By: Dr. Mrs. J. G. Wagh

Antihistamines By: Mr. A. V. Ghule

The Proteins By: Mrs. M. D. Sonawane

Paper Chromatography By: Mrs. S. T. Gade

The Benzene By: Mrs. M. S. Bankar

Formulation and Development By: Dr. A. R. Pawar

SUPAC Guidelines By: Mr. A. A. Aher

Micromeritics By: Mr. S. R. Firodiya

Drugs and Cosmetic Act By: Mr. K.B. Agale

Extraction of Medicinal Plants By: Mrs. V. S. Jadhav

The Nuremberg Code By: Dr. R. B. Pandhare

Neurohumoral transmission By: Mr. S. M. Bairagi