Pharmacognosy deals with medicines derived from natural sources and it involves the study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of molecules of natural origin, obtained from plants, animals, minerals and marine sources so as to ascertain their potential as lead drug molecules. Pharmacognosy is interdisciplinary branch involving a broad spectrum of biological and socio-scientific topics, including botany, ethno botany, marine biology, herbal medicine, phytochemistry, plant biotechnology – tissue culture, production of secondary metabolites and development of herbal formulations. WHO has estimated that majority of all the global inhabitants depend on curative natural systems of medicine for their primary health needs and these systems are largely of traditional origin. The department of Pharmacognosy focuses on research based on evaluation of medicinal plants including isolation, purification, identification and structural elucidation of bioactive molecules and development & standardization of herbal formulations.


Sr. No. Name of faculty Qualification Designation Download Biodata
1 Dr. V. B. Ghawate M. Pharm , PhD Vice Principal & Head
2 Mrs. V. S. Jadhav M. Pharm Assistant Professor