Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with all facets of the process of converting a new chemical entity into a Dosage forms like Tablets, Capsules, Oral Liquids, Ointments, Injectable, Aerosols, Transdermal Patches etc. that can be safely and effectively used in the clinical practice. Pharmaceutics is the science of dosage form design on the basis of physicochemical properties, rate and extent of absorption of drugs and route of administration. Dosage form designing is followed by industrial scale manufacturing, quality control, packaging and dispensing of the product. Pharmaceutics also includes study and formulation of cosmetics like face powders, cold creams, sunscreen lotions, tooth-pastes, nail-polish, lip-sticks, eye shadows, shampoos, hair dyes etc. and nutritional supplements like vitamins, calcium and iron supplements. The department of Pharmaceutics has well equipped laboratories where students are trained in the various formulation development techniques and related quality control aspects. In the Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory pilot scale manufacturing and various industry sponsored projects of formulation development are being carried out.

Sr. No. Name of faculty Qualification Designation Download Biodata
1 Dr. A. R. Pawar M. Pharm, PhD Associate Professor & Head
2 Dr. S. J. Aher M. Pharm, PhD Assistant Professor
3 Mr. S. R. Firodiya M. Pharm Assistant Professor
4 Mr. K.B. Agale M. Pharm Assistant Professor
5 Mr. A. B. Katarnavare M. Pharm Assistant Professor
6 Mr. M. S. Gaikwad M. Pharm Assistant Professor
7 Miss. Bhujadi P. N. M. Pharm Assistant Professor