I am honored to welcome you to Mula Education Society’s college of Pharmacy, Sonai a venture of Mula Education Society, Sonai established in 2004 with a futuristic vision to provide qualitative education by applying innovation and dynamic pedagogical techniques. Since inception, the institute has focused on providing health care services with dedication and commitment. The institutes vision and mission are reflected in its faculty, staff, student and alumni.

We cater to the local/regional needs in synergy to University-level education and by large to the social and economic development of the region. The institute has well-deserved reputation for offering quality programs at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. The team of dedicated and committed faculty maintains the quality of instruction. The B. Pharm., M. Pharm. course in Quality Assurance Techniques and Pharmaceutical chemistry program stand testimony to endeavors of the institute

The institutes beautiful campus is conducive to create a peaceful learning atmosphere. The building is a home of well Classrooms, lecturing facilities, equipped department laboratories, state of the art resources, analytical instrumentation facilities, industrial pharmacy setup, a library with approximately  more than 8000  text and reference books, covering a wide area of knowledge along with international and National Journals for research and training reflecting academic growth. Indoor and outdoor sports, recreation facilities help to all-round development of students.

We strongly believe that academic, research and social responsibility exposure are the key in shaping personalities and the faculty of the institute is constantly striving for transforming students to meet the challenges in the profession. The concept of mentoring introduced to trail the progress of students and counseling has strengthened the bond of faculty, parents and students. The institute has proved to be a fountain of high values and principles and a dedicated specialized place of learning and practice. We are proud to notify that our students constantly earn accolades for their work.